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Client : N/A
Director : 김주신 KIM–JUSIN
Scenario : 김주신 KIM–JUSIN
Producer: 엄정현 EOM-JEONGHYUN
Cinematographer : 김주신 KIM-JUSIN
Art Director : 박유빈 PARK-YUBIN
Original Track : “Sink or swim” - Weird inside
Starring : 안현진 AHN-HYUNJIN
Animator : 김주신 KIM–JUSIN

Release : Jan 2016
A VR shortfilm. 
A musician, turned down at every audition despite all his hard work and effort. An employee with a pregnant wife, collecting his belongings from the office after being laid off. Two young men, whose lives are so similar despite their outward differences - could these two universes be connected as one?

MUDCAKE® all right reserved.

VR version